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Get ready for the sequel of the popular game – 2! The second part brings a new map and improved multiplayer experience to the table. Even more action and fun. This is not just some cute source of entertainment for people with a few hours to spare, but also an opportunity to develop your strategic thinking, get familiar with the basics of planning and even find a group of friends with similar interests from various parts of the world. The game is available on PC as well as iOS and Android mobile platforms.

How to play?

In 2 you start the game at a random spot on the map. Your character is a colored cube under your control. Your movements will paint the map into your color. The bigger the area you capture, the higher your status. Do what you think is best. But remember: your rivals are always ready to take a part of your land. You will have to work hard not to lose everything. Don’t leave your territories unattended and keep them protected. The game keeps the score in points, so keep earning more. Move to the top of the leaderboards step by step. Play 2 for free and capture the whole map!

Only PC users

Screenshots 2:

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